What's Happening In The Local?
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What's Going on in the Local?
Well, as of the last update, no offer from anyone that is knowledgeble about how to to do this stuff has voulunteered any time to keep this site updated.

So, as of this moment, you are stuck with me (Lyle) attempting to do this.  

I appreciate your understanding.

Please spread the word about this site, we really ARE trying to get the word out to our members AS SOON as WE KNOW anything.

There should be more notifications of Permananent Transfers soon (PTs) accross the nation ( like July 10th or so) .

No idea about notifications out of this area but we shall see what the company is thinking soon.

We all know, things will not be "normal" for a while. The company (we believe) is doing its best to not be another "Enron" case. What will eventually wind up happening is a REAL guess.   

This Local (this Union) does not control what the company does, we are called upon to negotiate when it is felt necessary.  


This site is ALWAYS under construction !