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Meeting time for the Phoenix Local meeting is:
3:30 P.M the FIRST Thursday of every month.

PRELIMINARY RESULTS OF CONTRACT RATIFICATION: The contract is ratified by a large margin.  

The next round of layoffs will be coming SOON.   Right now it looks to be mid February to early March.

This Local, like the other 27 Installation Locals can only wait and see what the "company" in all its "Great Wisdom" has planned for November.

Just when does the SALARIED group get reduced in size ???

What next, will they actually wrap their silky fingers around a cable wedge and do cable mining ??

If you may possibly know any of the people that have been notified of a transfer into our area talk with them and assist them anyway possible. Please remember that they are as much a pawn in this chess game as we are.    This Locals goal is to protect the jobs of all members.

PLEASE keep the Local informed of any and all address and phone number changes that you make.

Early contract negotiations start October 7th and hopefull have a contract by the 31st of October on a TWO (2) year contract.

Today is:
Monday, the 18th of October in the year 2021, at 5:49:28am



The changes made each time will be in italics (If I can remember to do that.

Our CARAs are in a REAL fight for their jobs.   It appears that Lucent is attempting to have "management" assume the responsibilities of Union represented members.   This is not only morally WRONG it is TOTALLY against NLRB rules and regulations. This will be fought by this and every local nationwide.

Our CARAs have been the lifeblood of Installation, keeping our time charging correct, EWDs, FHDs, mileage, vacation, carry-over vacation, jury duty, Sunday starts, early starts, temporary transfer (time, lodging and mileage), overtime correct and too many codes for us to keep straight for a LONG time.

Support your CARA in every way possible.

If anyone has any suggestions, give me (Lyle) a call.
Or drop a note in email.

Welcome To Your Locals Web Site

The By-Laws changes has been approved.   Copies will be printed and distributed upon approval of the District.

The By-Laws are finally completed.
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Send an email to the operator of this site now.
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Look on the Links page for an important link to information about Alliance training available for the Installers that were laid-off. DO NOT MISS IT ! !


A Picture in Tempe, from the Sec/Tr back yard.
Would ALL members who access this site, please tell OTHERS about it?    I have not been able to get the word out to ALL members yet about this site.     Do YOUR share and inform EVERY member you come in contact with about OUR web site !!
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